“The light of the Orient strikes its absence in the Occident”. That is how the unusual artistic duo identifies itself. Through unconventional approaches, that artists create for themselves a broad spectre in creative tolerance, which is still to be explored in many areas. The Graz Art-Lightdesigner Christian Goelles exposes with GLD Industries lighting techniques, while the German Photoartist, Merna El-Mohasel, halts the time in the picture. The symbiosis of this technology that is used merges with aesthetic creativity. With the present day means the artists show what will be possible in the future and in that way position themselves on the stage far from the conventional.

Quotes of the Artists

“We leave the artistic past and devote ourselves to progress.”

“We are influenced by the past. There is no essential progress in art and therefore also recognizable in our culture.”

“We use science and show the foundation, in order that our creation, irrespective of the decoration, primarily concentrates on the essentials.