The name stands for the manner of our thinking. We think big.

Art is culture. We see it as our duty therefore, to show the possibilities of future achievements. For this we use all means and sources known to us in order to achieve these goals. Our works are a first glance into the upcoming.

The works are basically analog. Regulating mechanisms and recording methods are digitally processed. The fascination of the thereby arising works captivates discernible and well as the absence of light. They seize the observer through their clarity in expression and their depth. Sparse information gives tolerance for selective contents.

Project V.V1.3


The vision for this project originated during creative exchange between the German Photo-artist Merna El-Mohasel and the Austrian artist Christian Goelles. The affinity of both artists to light gave the impulse to further talks and to a first cooperation, which started in the following weeks.

Merna El-Mohasel, experienced in scattered light and G.- coherent light designer. Now the job was to unite these two different and yet same interests.

Preversion to the Project:

The Project (V.V1.0 – Greenlight) was called to life in the summer of 2013. At the beginning of the teamwork it was very difficult to achieve a satisfactory reproduction of the light works with the current image acquisition techniques. For the needed, partly extreme demands – especially to work with coherent light – no required hardware was found. After intensive and lengthy attempts, a method and way could be found that achieved the expected result in the desired quality. The first works arose by these examinations and test runs out of the year 2013. Subsequently experiments with visual displays under the use of coherent light on a two dimensional level were carried out with the improved technical equipment. First compilations were affixed of the necessary hard- and software as well as individual settings.

The obtained essence out of Greenlight were used for further development and continuation of the project. At the end of 2013 the project contents were expanded and V.V1.1 (Redline) developed.

In this phase the concentration of the artists lay on a visual reproduction of objects under the use of coherent light that was as authentic and veridical as possible. In opposition to conventional photography, a special framework needed to be created. Many possible methods crystallized out of the gained experiences, in order to reach the desired results. In order to improve the internal communication three of these processes were determined using diverse hardware and setting requirements. Further work on the project could be effectively designed with these basic settings, as now the trial installations could be standardized for the first time.

Mid 2014. The up-date to project version V.V1.1 (Blue Coffee) brought further tests with digital laser modules and professional regulating software. From this time on GLD Industries became the brand of both artists and a long term cooperation was decided on. The already standardized procedure for the illumination was refined, exactly defined and named. The use of coherent light sources as a foundation of the individual processes as a short declaration:

GLD Diffuse Light: Setting with scattered light of scatter lenses for coherent light sources.

GLD Static Light: Setting with use of light sources without scattered light.

GLD Dynamic Light: Setting with multiple light sources without scattered light.

Details for the publication of individual processes and their under categories are planned for a future date.

Project V.V1.3 (Rainbow):

In August 2014 the preparations for this version’s jump were defined. Over two years after this project start it was decided that the works and creations of the cooperation these two artists would be presented publicly. Tests with improved regulating software for light sources were completed at the end of January 2016. In February 2016 the GLD Industries homepage with the project V.V1.3 went on-line for the first time. The experimental phase to present coherent light on two-dimensional surfaces, was largely completed with the version Rainbow. The process of producing prints in large format was clarified and the first marketing channels were developed. The network to realize these undertakings were developed in the entire project process. Discover our possibilities here.

An extension of the used technology with moving pictures (Film) is intended with sufficiently high market interest.

We create the future, take part in it.




Philosophical explanation

by Freiherr von Dzierzgow


Great thinkers are realistic visionaries! Christian Goelles from GLD Industries stands for a strong orientation on the idea of progress and its presentation possibilities. The offer and especially the pictures centre around multiple theme areas. A clear communication, a harmonious brand image and clearly defined values allow variety and strategies to flow beside each other equally in the existing perspectives. GLD Industries didn’t fall from heaven and can fall back on a multiplicity of foundational works and concepts out of the past. In order to free oneself from the inhibited relationship to art, an artist must feel the overcoming strategies are no longer appropriate und that the time has come to move away from them. For GLD Industries, the term – Avantgarde – can therefore only mean to leave the downtrodden paths. The future is a vision. What GLD Industries make out of it, could become a realistic dream…


Through the creative master-plan of GLD Industries and their implementation to integrate coherent light into the artistic sector, a free space is automatically created in order to create unusual compositions. The new technique is the starting point of this specialization in terms of a practical conversion and as phenomena in the respective context. One of the central concepts in this connection, is to have the technical knowledge as a basis for the practical orientation in the form of a highly artistic requirement. In this way the realized results of an application are independent and are to be newly evaluated in terms of Art Thought. As far as this factor comes to bear by GLD Industries, the subsequent resulting processes will, after isolated observation, be made use of artistically.

Know-how (Empiricism)

The premise of the GLD Industries is the trend-setting way to bring possibilities to perfection without touching the source of their know-how. The artistic results (among other things the 3 illumination procedures) point to a strong position, that the object d’art is not only materially moved into the foreground. The “know-how” stands distinctly in the change of time and can be classified as trans-boundary. A general view that has traditional criteria as a foundation should be revised. Know-how data belongs here to the significant aspects and have an effect seemingly on all works. The ideas of GLD Industries move respectfully and with the necessary distance to the cultivated aesthetic in art. Creativity that is free from restrictions, together with the personal path of knowledge, can be the fertile soil of great visions for the new thinkers.


A functional willingness to change based on the new goals has as a result, that should be considered, how reliable the future development can be predicted. If the gist of the projection of an idea contributes to implementation, then the reflections can be foreseeably multilayered and conclusive, consistent in all directions. Because of the flood of impressions that basically need to be processed, not only the cognitive demands to the observer grow. In comparable measure the demand of orientation grows. Whoever knows how to value the “new life” facing us in its composition, quickens a shaping cultural level, in which the impact indelibly comes to rest in order to make use to their observer role.


In order to be able to illustrate the impact of the artistic direction, artists need to deviate from the usual processes. For them, the realization of an idea that is connected with conviction, is to be distinctive. Through their ambition to bring to life a naked vision with the means of their possibilities, they try to create their being without putting on restrictions. They remain exalted through the lack of rigidly locked restraints. In this way their visions remain eternally – “now”.


We live in a time of change, that makes powerful possibilities seem reachable. A strong desire drives us to show new methods. GLD Industries has a way and a goal.

“I saw patient rivers and living Words pass by me” [Merna El-Mohasel]